Hearing on future of Jewish Agency in Russia postponed again

Moscow looking to shut Russian branch of Jewish Agency for Israel, an organization working on immigration of Jews to Israel.

Hearing on future of Jewish Agency in Russia postponed again

A Moscow court on Monday postponed the hearing of a case that will determine the future of the Jewish Agency for Israel’s branch in Russia

Russia is looking to shut down the organization, which promotes and facilitates immigration of Jews to Israel.

Citing violations of Russian laws, the Justice Ministry filed a request in July to dissolve the agency, with a first court hearing held later that month.

This is now the second time the case has been put off, following the postponement of the last hearing on Aug. 19.

The next hearing has been set for Oct. 19, according to the website of the Basmanny district court.

Andrey Grichayev, a lawyer for the agency, told reporters that the hearing was put off at his request.

He said the agency has submitted documents to the Justice Ministry to rectify the violations of local laws and renew its registration.

The agency, a non-profit organization, is believed to have close links with the Israeli government.

Top Israeli officials, including President Isaac Herzog, have been trying to get Moscow to reconsider its decision.

Herzog has spoken to Russian President Vladimir Putin about the issue, while an Israeli delegation also visited Russia for talks on the matter.

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid, meanwhile, has warned that the move would affect bilateral relations.

Hüseyin Demir