Iran accused of cutting flow of river into Iraq

Iraqi side claims cuts in Little Zap River seriously affects people of Qalat Dizah town near Sulaymaniyah in northern Iraq

Iran accused of cutting flow of river into Iraq

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Iraqi officials on Tuesday accused Iran of reducing the water flow in the region from the Little Zap River that crosses the Iran-Iraq border.

The Iraqi side claimed the move had seriously affected the daily life of inhabitants in Qalat Dizah town near Sulaymaniyah in northern Iraq.

Qalat Dizah Governor Bakr Bayez told Anadolu Agency the water flow from Zap River had been considerably decreased in the last four days allegedly by Iran.

“The incident has caused both humanitarian and environmental problems,” Bayez said, adding: “it has also affected the daily life of around 80,000 residents and their fishery resources.”

On the other hand, Iranian Consul General Sadullah Masudyan said the agreement between Iran and Iraq was linked to seven rivers, which does not include the Little Zap River.

Since 2007, Iran has not received any response from Iraq about the Zap River even though it sent official request to reach an agreement over the issue, he said.

“Locals have a right on the Little Zap River although there is no agreement between the two sides,” Masudyan said, adding a team would be sent to the region to investigate the issue.

Last year, Iran was also accused of cutting the flow of the Little Zap river, which crosses the Iraq-Iran border and passes through the main cities of Kurdish Regional Government, including Sulaymaniyah and Kirkuk.

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