Kabul draws closer to Moscow before Afghanistan summit

International conference on Afghanistan in Moscow Friday will be attended by representatives of Pakistan, Iran, India, China

Kabul draws closer to Moscow before Afghanistan summit

World Bulletin / News Desk

Kabul appears to have softened its stance on Russia’s alleged support for the Taliban as Moscow prepares the stage for an international conference on Afghanistan on Friday.

Representatives from Pakistan, Iran, India, China and several other former Soviet central Asian countries have confirmed their participation in the highly anticipated talks, which some observers say may pave the way to peace in Afghanistan despite the absence of the U.S.

Deputy Foreign Minister Hekmat Khalil said that the government was convinced that the 16-year conflict cannot be resolved militarily.

The Foreign Ministry added that Afghanistan and Russia had developed amicable relations and effective cooperation on combating terrorism and drug smuggling.

“Relations will not get affected by the propaganda launched by some individuals through the free press and media because the diplomatic organ is the main and principal entity of the Afghan government,” the ministry said in a statement released Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia would help Afghanistan get on track towards peacefully resolving its internal problems and development.

However, he described the terror threat emanating from Afghanistan as “very serious”.

“As far as the Taliban is concerned, many countries have contacts of one form or another with this organization,” the Russian leader told Mir television, according the Kremlin on Wednesday.

He said Russia wanted to develop relations with “all” forces in Afghanistan based on three principles: the recognition of Afghanistan’s constitution, disarmament, and reaching full national accord.


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