Kremlin admits violations of Putin's decree on mobilization

Dmitry Peskov says violations being eliminated, adding no decisions made about closing border to mobilized people.

Kremlin admits violations of Putin's decree on mobilization

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov admitted on Monday that there were cases of violations of the decree on mobilization.

"Indeed, there are cases when the decree of (Russian President Vladimir Putin on partial mobilization) is violated. These cases of non-compliance with the necessary criteria are eliminated. We hope that all errors will be corrected," Peskov told reporters at a press briefing in Moscow.

The spokesman thanked journalists and public organizations for the help in making the information about violations public, adding that the information is brought to the attention of the leadership of the regions and the Defense Ministry.

Asked if the government plans to close borders for the mobilized people, Peskov said: "No decisions have been made at the moment."

He urged to analyze the information about the mobilization, published on the internet, stressing that there are a lot of fakes, spread both by "enemies and domestic hysterics."

Peskov said that in case Ukraine's Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia regions vote in favor of joining Russia, there will be a legal procedure before their accession to the country.

He also promised to inform if Putin is to hold a public appearance in connection with the results of the referendums in Donbas.

Commenting on the statement of US Presidential Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, who said Washington warned Russia about the catastrophic consequences of the use of nuclear weapons, Peskov said: "Leaving this without comments."

About the contacts between Russia and the US in general, he said they have "sporadic character," which only allows the exchange of "emergency messages about each other's positions."

As for the parliamentary election in Italy, the Kremlin spokesman said it is the country's internal affairs, and that Moscow is ready to welcome any political forces, which are capable of "going beyond the mainstream, full of hatred to Russia" and to have a more objective and constructive position.

Hüseyin Demir