Poland bars entry of Russians by air, sea

Restriction begins a week after Baltic states closed their borders to Russian nationals.

Poland bars entry of Russians by air, sea

Poland on Monday barred the entry of Russian nationals crossing into its land by air and sea.

The restriction began a week after Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland closed their land borders to Russians, barring the entry of most of them, including those with Schengen visas.

Deputy Interior Minister Bartosz Grodecki explained last week why there will be a week delay for air and sea border crossings, saying the time will allow air and sea carriers to adjust to the new law.

If any carrier allows a barred citizen to enter the EU through Polish border crossings under new regulations, they will be turned away and transported back to the original point of departure.

The EU last month reached a political deal on suspending its visa facilitation agreement with Russia, a move that would significantly reduce the number of visas issued by EU member states to Russians.

Estonia, Latvia, and Finland had originally proposed an EU-wide blanket ban on tourist visas for Russians.

August’s full suspension of the visa agreement came after the EU partially halted the deal in February, mainly targeting government officials, diplomats, and businesspeople.

Hüseyin Demir