Russian Orthodox school graduate detonates explosive device near convent

Perpetrator dies of blood loss, TASS reports citing security source.

Russian Orthodox school graduate detonates explosive device near convent

A Russian Orthodox school graduate in Russia's Moscow region detonated an improvised explosive near a convent and died of blood loss, according to local media on Monday.

“Today, at 08:24 (0524GMT), an 18-year-old graduate entered the building of a Russian Orthodox school near the Vvedensky Vladychny convent in the town of Serpukhov and set off ... an explosion,” Russian news agency TASS reported, citing the press service of the Russian Interior Ministry for the Moscow Region.

The perpetrator died of blood loss, TASS said, citing a security source.

“According to preliminary information, the young man who detonated the homemade explosive device has died. As a result of the episode, he lost an enormous amount of blood," it also said.

Teachers and students at the site were evacuated, and an ambulance was called to the site, TASS reported, citing police sources.

“The Main Investigative Directorate of the Moscow Region’s Investigative Committee reported that the young man had detonated a homemade bomb,” it noted.

Citing security sources, TASS also reported that the reason behind the blast in the monastery “was likely to be a conflict between an orthodox school and its former student.”

“According to preliminary data, (the incident) was triggered by a conflict between a graduate of the orthodox school and other students and teachers. Perhaps, he decided to take revenge. The investigation to figure out whether there was a real conflict will be launched," it said.

At least eight people, including seven children, were injured in the blast, the initial reports added.

Hüseyin Demir