Simultaneous crises cause concern for U.N.

U.N.'s World Food Programme raises concerns over the simultaneous crises in the Central African Republic, Syria and South Sudan.

Simultaneous crises cause concern for U.N.

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The U.N.'s World Food Programme has expressed its concern over the simultaneous crises happening in the world and the difficulties involved in surmounting them.

In reference to the crisis in the Central African Republic, Denise Brown, the programme's regional director for West Africa, said in a press conference Tuesday that "the rainy season is upon us. We need a security solution for the country. By humanitarian assistance, we will only keep people afloat."

"It is a country in drama. They have to live with violence on a daily basis," she continued, adding that additional security forces inside the country are required as it descends into tit-for-tat anarchy already forcing 900,000 to flee their homes.

The World Food Programme also expressed on Tuesday its concerns over an impending drought in Syria on top of an ongoing civil war that has killed more than 100,000 and displaced approximately 6.5 million people.

Meanwhile South Sudan has been wracked with violence which has claimed an estimated 10,000 lives and the U.N. believes at least 3.7 million of the population are now "severely food insecure".

"The world has a lot of crises at this time. How can we respond to all of them?" Brown questioned.

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