Stowaway's family discovers his death 16 months on

The family of a stowaway who was found dead in London after falling from a plane undercarriage in September 2012 have spoken about his death for the first time.

Stowaway's family discovers his death 16 months on

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The family of an illegal immigrant from Mozambique who died in September 2012 after trying to enter the UK by stowing away in an airplane undercarriage has learned of his death 16 months on.

Jose Matada snuck into the undercarriage of a plane that took off from Angola. His body fell from the sky as the airplane flew over London. The authorities had no way of identifying him at the time, so they buried him in an unmarked grave.

His family just found out about the death recently after reading about it in a local newspaper.

"I was shocked, it was a huge feeling, knowing he'd already been dead for some time - an overwhelming feeling," his older brother Paulino told the BBC, who said that he hadn’t been able to get in contact with his brother since June 2012.

Jose had been working in South Africa as a gardener and housekeeper. He most likely died from the freezing temperatures and lack of oxygen in the undercarriage.

Now all his family wants is to have his body sent back to Mozambique. Jose's mother Eugenia said "He should have been buried in our village, next to his father, next to his great-uncles and aunts, and my other two children who died - but we have no money to bring his body back home."

The repatriation of his body would cost around $11,500.

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