Syrian Brotherhood rejects Russian proposal

Syrian Brotherhood no longer support Russian initiatives and have called out for international community to punish regimes who cause deaths of thousands of people.

Syrian Brotherhood rejects Russian proposal

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Syria's Muslim Brotherhood Organisation has rejected Russians proposal for negotiations between the regime and the opposition.

In a written statement published on their official website, the Brotherhood rejected the Russian initiative. Allied with the regime, they stated they are on the side of those who have chosen to fight against Russia and Iran.

The brotherhood also stated that, with the fall of the regime and those who are tied to it will be dispersed, and that the civilian government supporting the vision of the Syrian revolution also said that: “The international community should fulfill their responsibility in protecting civilians and should punish those regimes who has caused the death of thousands of people. The Brotherhood wants the Asad regime and the security forces to go, release prisoners and removal of the blockades in certain regions within a political framework”.

The statement also made reference to the fact that they no longer supported Russia and that they were standing by the Syrian people.

Russian Foreign Minister spokesman Aleksandir Lukasevic said that on the 25th December, after the 20th January they planned to invite Syria to negotiations and that will also include government representatives. Syria also said that in order to end the civil war, they would attend the negotiations.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 01 Ocak 2015, 16:22