UN approves $600 mn budget cut to peacekeeping

The General Assembly approved by consensus the annual budget expected to total $7.3 billion, down from the current $7.87 billion spent on peace missions worldwide.

UN approves $600 mn budget cut to peacekeeping

World Bulletin / News Desk

The United Nations on Friday approved a nearly $600 million cut to its peacekeeping budget following pressure from the United States to reduce funding to the world body.

UN member-states agreed to $6.8 billion to finance 14 missions, but an additional $500 million earmarked for peacekeeping in Haiti and in Sudan's Darfur region will get final approval in December.

The United States, the biggest financial contributor to peacekeeping, had sought a nearly $1 billion cut to the bill and the European Union had also pushed for savings to bring costs down to $7.3 billion.

The budget, however, fell short of what UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres had sought from member-states.

UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said the financing is "meaningfully smaller than what we had last year" but that the world body will "make every effort to ensure that the mandates are implemented."

"We cannot overstate the value of peacekeeping," said Dujarric. "It remains the most cost-effective instrument at the disposal of the international community to prevent conflicts and foster conditions for lasting peace."

UN officials have repeatedly argued that the cost of peacekeeping is a fraction of military expenditures worldwide.

Most of the budget cuts will come from the closure of the mission in Haiti, a sharp drawdown of peacekeepers in Darfur along with some downsizing to the large peace operation in the Democratic Republic of Congo.



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