'UN holds double standards on Israel's demolition of Palestinian homes'

Israel’s practice 'act of illegal collective punishment, direct violation of international law,' says Malaysian group.

'UN holds double standards on Israel's demolition of Palestinian homes'

Denouncing the UN for its “double standards,” a Malaysian Muslim group on Tuesday strongly condemned Israel’s recent demolition of Palestinian homes in the occupied West Bank.

Dozens of houses were razed by Israeli forces on Monday in the al-Muarrajat region, east of Ramallah, leaving some 25 Palestinians, mostly children, homeless.

Mohammed Azmi Abdul Hamid, president of the Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations (MAPIM), said the Israeli aggression must be strongly opposed.

He called out the UN Security Council (UNSC) for its failure to end forced evictions of Palestinians.

“The UNSC clearly holds double standards on this issue as it appears to be non-assertive in holding Israel accountable,” he said in a statement.

He said Israel’s practice of destroying Palestinian homes was an “act of illegal collective punishment and a direct violation of international human rights law.”

On the imminent demolition of 52 Palestinian schools, Azmi said the move is part of “Israel’s deliberate ploy to destroy the right to education for Palestinian children guaranteed under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.”

“We demand that Palestinian homes and schools be protected by international agencies. Those that have been destroyed must be compensated by Israel,” he added.

Earlier, the EU also called on Israel to refrain from targeting Palestinian schools.

“The EU calls for the protection of children, including ensuring their right to education in a safe and secure school environment. Education is a basic human right that should be protected and maintained,” said Peter Santo, an EU spokesperson.


Hüseyin Demir