Worldwide reactions to violence, bloodshed in Egypt

Countries, politicians and demonstrators worldwide have reacted, either through protests or condemnations, against the recent violence and bloodshed by the Egyptian security forces against anti-coup protestors

Worldwide reactions to violence, bloodshed in Egypt

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Countries, politicians and demonstrators from around the globe have shown their reactions, either by protests or condemnation, against the recent violence and bloodshed by the Egyptian security forces on demonstrators in the pro-Morsi and anti-coup protests, one of the most violent and deadly interventions by the Egyptian security since the onset of the incidents after the military coup on July 3 that ousted the first democratically elected President of Egypt Mohamed Morsi.


A group of nearly 3,000 people in the German capital of Berlin protested the recent violence against anti-coup demonstrators in Egypt by the security forces.

They shouted slogans against the perpetrators of the military coup in Egypt and carried anti-coup banners that read "3 thousand dead in Egypt, stop the massacre"; "Against military coup"; "Morsi takes office via democratic elections" and "We are the people, we are peaceful", demanding halt to the ongoing bloodshed and the release of Morsi has been kept at an undisclosed place since then.

Slamming the Egyptian army for mounting the military coup against the will of the Egyptian people, the protesters described the Egyptian army as "no different from a terrorist organization so as to fire and pour bullets at its own people."

They also criticized the West for supporting the military coup by remaining silent, calling the Western attitude on the coup and the ensuing violent incidents as a "chronic hypocrisy and double-standard."

The protestors also flashed the "Rabaa sign," -- made by raising four fingers with the thumb resting on the palm -- which has come to represent civilian demonstrations protesting Morsi's ouster and the violence that killed hundreds of people.


Convening before the State Assembly in the western German city of Dusseldorf, European Muslims called upon the Western politicians to intervene and stop the massacre against anti-coup protesters in Egypt, urging for a continued democracy in the country in turmoil.

They also criticized the Egyptian army as well as the European Union and the United States for their silence in the face of the massacres in Egypt.

Holding anti-coup placards, around 2,000 Muslim demonstrators of Egyptian, Turkish, African and German origins living in European countries chanted slogans like "Stop the massacre"; "Peace without arms"; "Sisi, killer of women and children," and "Egyptian army, back to its barracks."


Hundreds gathered before the parliament building at Queen's Park in Canada's Ontario City, holding Egyptian, Canadian, Turkish, Palestinian and Libyan flags and chanting slogans like "Get out Sisi", "Freedom for Morsi", and "Free Egypt".

They also performed a funeral prayer in absentia for those who lost their lives at Wednesday's crackdown by the Egyptian security forces on two main anti-coup sit-ins in Cairo's Rabaa al Adawiya and Giza's Nahda squares.


British Foreign Secretary William Hague spoke with his Egyptian counterpart on Sunday about the tragic violence and loss of life over recent days, stressing Britain's condemnation of "all acts of violence, whether disproportionate use of force by the security forces or violent actions by some demonstrators."

Arabs in Israel

Upon the call of the 1948 Palestinian Islamic Movement, founded by the Arabs living in Israel, to "condemn the massacre in Egypt and support the legitimacy of Morsi," Arab protesters held a protest in Nasira city, holding posters of Morsi and placards writing "US, sponsor of military coup"; "We support legitimacy"; "Freedom of Al Quds hinges on freedom of Cairo and Damascus".


Thousands gathering in the Iraqi city of Irbil protested the massacre against anti-coup demonstrators in Rabaa and Nahda squares.


The Cuban government issued a condemnation of the latest violent incidents in Egypt that claimed thousands of lives, expressing deep concerns over the recent developments.

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Tom Gaeta
Tom Gaeta - 8 yıl Önce

It's sad to see so much death and anguish over the lost lives. However, from America the Muslim Brotherhood (of the Snake) look like dangerous Islamic Radicals and who cares if they die? No One around here in America cares a lick for your Islamic dead in Egypt or Syria and that opinion is Global from the Free World I think.